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Air/Hydraulic Brake Booster (W/ Master Cylinder up to 1-1/2 Bore)

Air/Hydraulic Brake Booster (W/ Master Cylinder up to 1-1/2 Bore)
Item# 2779-775
Booster:  Master Cylinder:  Air Valve Mounting (Air Valve Mounts in Place of Booster/Master, Booster & Master Mount Remotely in Trunk or on Frame):  Air Gauge and Low Pressure Indicator:  Brake Light Switch (Your Vehicle Likely Already Has One If You Are Converting):  Low Air Indicator and Warning Buzzer:  Safety Valve:  Air Hose:  Unit Finish:  Pump and Air Tank:  Plus Shipping for Pump and Air Tank:  Shipping: 

Product Description

Our Air/Hydraulic brake system that uses an air valve pedal assembly to apply a remote mounted air-hydraulic brake booster that is great for heavy vehicles, high horsepower cars, cars with limited firewall clearance, and/or customs that have air ride suspension already.

It uses a small amount of air pressure delivered by an air tank to the air hydraulic booster, similar to the brake systems on super sized big rigs and buses, but its on a passenger car so it pushes a standard dual master cylinder and everything is the same after that. It requires an air tank and pump to operate, but if you already have those for air suspension than that setup can be utilized to power it.

It supplies any amount of pressure at the touch of a toe, and includes a four wheel lock up parking brake. Master cylinders are available in piston sizes from 7/8 inch to 2 inch, which makes it available for small cars on up to large trucks. Pressures are available from 700 to 2500 psi, triple the potential of an average mail order vacuum brake booster. Units can be polished, chromed, and powder coated, and can be supplied with or without an air compressor and tank. It has more clearance than a Hydro-Boost/ master combo, offers pressures beyond those available with the Hydro-Boost, and can be mounted in the trunk.

Includes booster, master cylinder, foot valve, mounting brackets for the foot valve and booster, gauges, pressure switches, nylon tubing and brass fittings, plus the options that you choose.